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Text: Transport for Tomorrow

One thing is certain about the public transport of the future: it must be more efficient than it is today. The two main problems are: what vehicle shall we use and how can we plan our use of it? There are already some modern vehicles which are not yet in common use, but which may become a usual means of transport in the future. One of these is a small electric car.

For long journeys in private cars one can also use an automatic guidance system.
A decade ago, the only thing electronic on most automobiles was the radio. But at present sophisticated electronics is playing a big part in current automotive research.

For example, there are a small computer continuously monitoring the exhaust in cars of General Motors Corporation, and an electronic instrument panel that will calculate how far one can drive on the fuel left in the tank. And will estimate the time of arrival at destination in Ford cars.

According to specialists these features made possible by microelectronics are only the beginning. Recently a radar to be mounted on lorries and cars has been designed in USA. The radar aerial looks like a third headlight placed directly above the bumper.

A Japanese company is designing a car of a new generation. When completed, the new model will have a lot of unusual characteristics.

A new ceramic engine has been developed in Japan. Materials of this engine withstand temperatures up to 1,000 C.

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