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Сериал «Trinkets» 8 серия «Monday I’m in Love»

Trinkets episode 8

Following on from the fallout in the previous chapter with Moe Truax revealing too many truths, Trinkets episode 8, “Monday I’m in Love” sees our characters living their separate lives, at least temporarily, as they explore their new love interests. Episode 8 is split into three acts. As the Netflix series progresses, it’s noticeably getting stronger with the characters observedly treading on their dark paths.

Elodie Davis, she plucks up the courage to contact Sabine to meet for a coffee – the sexual tension between them both is obvious, and Sabine even gets involved in Elodie’s favourite hobby — stealing. The adrenaline rush brings them closer together, and they finally kiss, but the day is abruptly stopped as Elodie has to meet her dad at the lawyer’s office regarding the death of her mum. He’s fuming at Elodie for being late and indefinitely grounds her.

Сериал «Воровки»  8 серия

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