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Сериал «Trinkets» 6 серия «Rearview Mirror»

Trinkets episode 6

Trinkets episode 6, “Rearview Mirror” opens with Elodie Davis experiencing a dream. It’s the moment where she’s in the car with her mother before the fatal accident that has had her grieving since the first episode. Since stealing Brady’s car, it’s brought back unwanted memories, and now she misses her mother even more, living each day in memory, rather than living in the present. She gives in to her urges and visits the mall to shoplift.

Meanwhile, episode 6, sees Tabitha Foster moping about her recent break-up and her frustration at her mother. She believes too much expectation is placed upon her and makes a rousing speech at the Shoplifters Anonymous Group, but forgets about Elodie’s grieving over her mother and speaks out of turn. If anything, it brings both characters closer together.

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