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Сериал «Trinkets» 4 серия — Воровки

Trinkets episode 4

Trinkets episode 4, “Happy Birthday”, focuses on Tabitha Foster  during her birthday celebrations while Elodie Davis  and Moe Truax bond. As you can tell from the title, episode 4 is Tabitha’s birthday. She’s turning 17, but her personal problems shroud her excitement, especially with her boyfriend Brady being tactless before the day even begins; buying her an Apple Watch that replaces her sentimental watch given by her deceased Grandad.

At her surprise 17th, sees Tabitha slip further and further into depression, drinking copious amounts of alcohol to numb her dark thoughts. Not only is she dealing with the idea of her father having an affair, but she’s not happy with Brady. It finally comes to blows, with Tabitha finally breaking it off with Brady. There’s also a telling scene when she tries to have an indirect conversation with her father about his affair, but it never materialises, leaving that for the later episodes.

Сериал «Воровки»  4 серия

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