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Сериал «Trinkets» 2 серия «Paper Tigers»

With no real friends, since she is stuck with people who either won’t talk to her at school or see being her friend as a favor, Elodie is feeling lonely. Making her best friend Zoey’s birthday seem like the perfect excuse to visit home but that costs $300. Which Elodie doesn’t have, her dad doesn’t want to give, since it is a last-minute request, and because it seems he wants her more settled into Portland.

Сериал "Trinkets" 2 серия

Remember Elodie’s fake friend Rachelle? It seems to attract that boy she ditched Elodie for, she is trying to dumb herself down. It isn’t working too well, because of her ego and intelligence, but she is trying to make him feel better about himself.

And sharing in her pursuit of putting on a ruse is Moe. Someone who we learn is really interested in STEM, has good grades, and her only issue seems to be an attendance issue. Leading you to wonder, why is she trying to seem like she doesn’t care and is a floater? Unlike Rachelle’s situation, Noah doesn’t care about how smart she is, he actually likes it. So, is this just a social survival thing so she can maintain this group she frequents? Especially after Tabitha’s abandonment?

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