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The simple past tense / Простое прошедшее время

The simple past tense / Простое прошедшее время – обозначает действие как факт прошлого.

Tom Brankovskii  was an Italian musician and composer. He lived from 1890 to 1945. He started composing at the age of five and wrote more than 521 pieces of music. He was only 55 years old when he died.

past simple-struktura

past simple

lived/ started/wrote/was/died все эти глаголы c текста мы использовали в past simple.

past simple употребляется:

— Для выражения прошедшего действия, время совершения которого обозначается следующими наречиями времени:

Yesterday (вчера) / the day before yesterday (позавчера)/ yesterday morning (вчера утром) / last week(на прошлой неделе) / an hour ago(час тому назад) /

-Для выражения ряда последовательно совершавшихся действий в прошлом.

— Для выражения обычного, повторяющегося действия  в прошлом.

She always did her physical exercises on Wednesday.

Запомните что в вопросительных предложениях, начинающихся с наречия when(когда), всегда употребляется  simple past tense.

Примеры предложений в past simple:

I work in a travel agency now. Before that I worked in a department store.

We invited them to our party, but they decided not to come.

The police stopped me on my way home last night.

Laura passed her exam because she studied very hard.

Использование  did/didn’t + infinitive (love/see/close/etc.) в вопросах:

     Did I/we/you/they/ start? (love, close, etc.)

     Did she/he/it / work? (play, see, go, etc.)

Использование  did/didn’t+ infinitive (love/see/close/etc.) в утвердительной форме

I/we/you/they/ did started. (loved, closed, etc.)

she/he/it /  did worked .(played, saw, went, etc.)

Использование  did/didn’t + infinitive (love/see/close/etc.) в отрицаниях:

I/we/you/they/ didn’t start. (love, closed etc.)

she/he/it /  didn’t work .(play, see, go, etc.)

Did you go out last month?

Yes, I went to the cinema, but I didn’t enjoy the film much.

When did Mr. David die?’ ‘About seven years ago.

We didn’t invite me to the party, so I didn’t go.

Did you have time to go to the theatre?’ ‘No, I didn’t.’

Past simple глагол be (am/is/are) is was/were.

Утвердительная форма глагола be.

he/she/it was tired.

we/you/they were tired.

Отрицательная форма глагола be.

he/she/it wasn’t tired.

we/you/they weren’t tired.

Вопросительная форма глагола be.

was he/she/it tired.

were we/you/they tired.

I was hungry because she was late.

Was the weather good when they were on vacation?

We weren’t able to come because we were so busy.

Did you go out last night or were you too tired?

В качестве закрепления present simple tense видео урок:

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