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Past Perfect continuous (I had been doing)

The Past Perfect Continuous Tense – употребляется для выражения длительного действия, которое началось ранее какого-либо момента в прошлом или ранее другого действия в прошлом и либо продолжалось в момент совершения этого действия, либо закончилось непосредственно перед моментом его совершения.

Момент может выражаться обстоятельствами времени с предлогом for  (for two month), c предлогом  by (by the first of Mayили определяется по контексту  Past perfect Continuous Tense  как правило переводится на русский язык прошедшим временем глагола не совершенного вида.

Запомните что в отрицаниях вместо  Past perfect Continuous как правило употребляется  Past Perfect.

Пример Past Perfect continuous:

Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)

Yesterday morning

Yesterday morning I got up and looked out of the window.

The sun was shining, but the ground was very wet.

It had been raining.

It was not raining when I looked out of the window;

the sun was shining. But it had been raining before.

  Had been -ing is the past perfect continuous:

Past perfect continuous-struktura

When the boys came into the house, their clothes were dirty, their hair was untidy and one of them had a black eye. They’d been fighting.

You can say that something had been happening for a period of time before something else happened:

They’d been playing football for about half an hour when it started to rain heavily.

Ann went to the doctor last Wednesday. She hadn’t been feeling well for some time.

Present perfect continuous (I have been -ing)

Past perfect continuous

I hope the taxi comes soon. I’ve been

waiting for 10 minutes. (before now)

Ann is out of breath. She has been


  Past perfect continuous(I had been -ing)

Past perfect continuous-grafik

At last the taxi came. I’d been waiting

for 10 minutes. (before the taxi came)

Ann was out of breath. She had been


Сравните was -ing (past continuous) and had been ing:

lt wasn’t raining when they went out. The sun was shining. But it had been raining,

so the ground was wet.

Tom was sitting in an armchair resting. He was tired because He’d been working very hard.

Some verbs {for example, know and Like) are not normally used in the continuous:

We were good friends. We had known each other for years. (not had been knowing)

I was surprised when Kate cut her hair. She’d had long hair since I first met her.

(not she’d been having)


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