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Jhonathan and the Witches

stephen king

Jhonathan and the Witches
By Stephen King
From : First Words

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jhonathan. He was smart, handsome, and very brave. But, Jhonathan
was cobblers son.
One days his father said, «Jhonathan, you must go and seek your fortune. You are old enough.»
Jhonathan, being a smart boy knew he better ask the king for work.
So, he set out.
On the way, he met a rabbit who was a fairy in disguise. The scared thing was being pursued by hunters and
jumped into Jhonathans arms.

When the hunters came up Jhonathan pointed excitedly and shouts, «That way,that way !»

After the hunters had gone, the rabbit turned into a fairy and said, «you have helped me. I will give you three
wishes. What are they?»
But Jhonathan could not think of anything, so the fairy agreed to give him when he needed them.
So Jhonathan kept walking until he made the kingdom without incident.
So he went to the king and asked for work.
But, as luck would have it, the king was in a very bad mood that day. So he vented his mood on Jhonathan.
«Yes there is something you can do. On yonder Mountain there are three witches. If you can kill them, I will
give you 5,000 crowns. If you cannot do it I will have your head! You have 20 days.» With this he dismissed
«Now what am I to do?», thought Jhonathan. Well I shall try.
The he remembered the three wishes granted him and set out door the mountain.
* * *
Now Jhonathan was at the mountain and was just going to wish for a knife to kill the witch, when he heard a
voice in his ear, «The first witch cannot be pierced.»
The second witch cannot be pierced or smothered.
The third cannot be pierced, smothered and is invisible.
With this knowledge Jhonathan looked about and saw no one. Then he remembered the fairy, and smile.
He then went in search of the first witch.
At last he found her. She was in a cave near the foot of the mountain, and was a mean looking hag.
He remembered the fairy words, and before the witch could do anything but give him an ugly look, he wished
she should be smothered. And Lo! It was done.
Now he went higher in search of the second witch. There was a second cave higher up. There he found the
second witch. He was about to wish her smothered when he remembered she could not be smothered. And the
before the witch could do anything but give him an ugly look, he had wished her crushed. And Lo! It was done
Now he had only to kill the third witch and he would have the 5,000 crowns. But on the way up, he was plagued
with thoughts of how?
Then he it upon a wonderful plan.
The, he saw the last cave. He waited outside the entrance until he heard the witches footsteps. He then picked
up a couple of big rocks and wishes.
He the wished the witch a normal women and Lo! She became visible and then Jhonathan struck her head with
the rocks he had.
Jhonathan collected his 5,000 crowns and he and his father lived happily ever after.
The End

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