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Effortless English. Sick In India

План действий:

  1. Сначала прочитайте текст, главное не старайтесь его учить наизусть
  2. Слушайте аудио-историю несколько раз
  3. Слушайте аудио-историю и отвечайте на вопросы

Sick In India text


I’m in India, travelling by myself. Its a great place and I love it. I arrive in a town called
Jodhpur. Though I like the country, I have a big problem.

I ate some bad food . Now my stomach is bad. Everyday, my stomach gets worse. In the
beginning, I only had nausea. I lost my appetite. But now I’ve got diarrhoea and vomiting
too. I feel terrible.

However, I want to see Jodhpur, so I leave my hotel and walk into the city. The city is filled
with old stone buildings. Some of the buildings are painted blue. I make my way to a huge hill
in the middle of the city. On top of the hill is a big fort. I hail a cab to take me to the top of the

When I arrive, I walk around the fort. The views from the top are amazing. I can see the whole
city. I’m walking when suddenly I get a sharp pain in my stomach.

«Ohhh», I cry. I sit down. My skin is pale. I feel weak.
A British tourist comes over and asks me, «Are you OK?»
«No», I say. «I think I need to see a doctor».

The British woman says, «Ill help you… I’ll take you to a doctor».

We walk out of the fort and find a taxi. We tell the taxi driver, «Take us to the nearest hospital».
The taxi driver looks at me and says, «You don’t look good. You look very white- sorta like a
ghost. You definitely need a doctor.»

He drives fast— down the hill, through the streets, to a small hospital.

We go into the hospital. The British girl says, «He needs to see a doctor, he’s very sick».
The nurse gives me some papers and says, «Fill out these forms. Be sure to fill in all the
information correctly». There are 78 pages to fill out. Each page has 67 blanks to fill in.

«Oh my god», I say, «I’m too sick to do this. I want to see the doctor now».
The nurse says, «You must fill out all the forms first!»

I’m too sick to do it. So instead, I fall on the floor and act as if I’m having a seizure! I kick my
legs, wave my arms, and yell really loud.

The nurse says, «Oh my god.» She runs and gets the doctor. They take me in a room and the
doctor examines me.

He says, «You’ll be OK, but you can’t eat any more Indian curries. You can only eat bananas and
white rice».

He gives me a big banana. I eat it and I’m very happy. My stomach feels much better.

Слушаем и отвечаем на вопросы



  • by myself: alone
  • nausea: bad feeling in stomach, no desire to eat, upset stomach
  • appetite: desire to eat
  • diarrhoea: uncontrolled shitting, too much defecating
  • vomiting: throwing up, (food comes up from your stomach and out your mouth)
  • make my way: go (slowly)
  • hail a cab: call a taxi
  • a sharp pain: a very strong pain in a specific part of the body
  • pale: without color, colorless
  • sorta [sort of]: kind of, a little bit like
  • fill out: write information in/on
  • fill in: write information in/on
  • as if: like, similar to, pretending to
  • seizure: uncontrolled body movements
  • examines: looks at carefully

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