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Effortless English. Roach Vacation

План действий:

  1. Сначала прочитайте текст, главное не старайтесь его учить наизусть
  2. Слушайте аудио-историю несколько раз
  3. Слушайте аудио-историю и отвечайте на вопросы

Roach Vacation text


There is a roach. She’s a very busy roach because she has her own radio show. Her radio show
is very famous. Millions of people listen to the roach’s radio show.

But the roach is unhappy. She has to work too much. She is super busy all the time. Every day
she gets up at 5 am, and she leaves work at 11pm. Then she drives home for 1 hour. She usually
ends up going to bed at 1 am.

One day, she is talking to her best friend and she says, «I can’t go on like this. I want to relax. I
want to just hang out and do nothing all day.» Her friend says, » You need a vacation».

So, the roach goes on vacation. She calls a travel agent and books a flight to Kansas.

When she arrives in Kansas she goes to a roach motel. But there is a problem. The clerk says,
«I’m sorry, we are booked solid. We have no rooms.»

The roach is very tired, so she grabs a cab and goes to another motel. Unfortunately, it is also
booked solid!

Now the roach is worried. She wants to hang out and relax on her vacation, but instead she is
very worried and nervous.

She goes to another motel, and then another… but they are all full! The roach spends all day
looking for a hotel with a room. She travels all over Kansas. She is exhausted!

Finally, at midnight, she finds a hotel with a room. She pays for the room and goes to bed.
The next day she doesn’t get up early. She sleeps in till (until) 3 pm.

At last, she’s able to relax! Her vacation finally works out!

Слушаем и отвечаем на вопросы



  • roach: a bug
  • ends up: finally (do something), (shows the last event
  • hang out: relax and do nothing
  • books (to book): to make a reservation, to reserve (and buy)
  • motel: a hotel (with a lot of parking for cars)
  • booked solid: full (no available rooms)
  • grabs a cab: gets a taxi (cab = taxi)
  • exhausted: very, very tired
  • sleeps in: to sleep late (to sleep a long time), to sleep later than normal
  • till: until
  • at last: finally
  • works out: succeeds, is OK,

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