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Effortless English. Mosquitos

План действий:

  1. Сначала прочитайте текст, главное не старайтесь его учить наизусть
  2. Слушайте аудио-историю несколько раз
  3. Слушайте аудио-историю и отвечайте на вопросы

Mosquitos text


Will Smith has a problem. His house is full of mosquitos. Every night they bite him. He can’t
sleep because the mosquitos constantly bite him.

Will needs to get rid of the mosquitos. He calls his friend David Beckham. He says, «Dave, I
need help. I need to come up with a way to kill mosquitos— do you have any ideas?»
David says, «Well, you could spray them or you could burn them. I’d go with spraying, if I
were you.»

Will Smith goes to a Hardware store and buys a powerful mosquito spray. He returns home and
sprays the chemical everywhere.

Unfortunately, he breaths the chemical. He coughs and coughs and coughs. Even worse, the
mosquitos don’t die.

He calls his friend Chris Moses. Chris says, «In order to kill mosquitos, you must eat garlic.
When the mosquitos bite you, they will be killed by the garlic».

Will buys a huge bag of garlic at the Grocery store. He eats 49 pounds of garlic.
Then he goes to sleep. During the night, thousands of mosquitos bite him. But they all die
because of the garlic.

When Will wakes up, there are thousands of dead mosquitos on the bed.

He yells, «Chris Moses is a genius!»

Слушаем и отвечаем на вопросы



  • constantly: very frequently, very often, almost always
  • get rid of: destroy something, eliminate, make something disappear
  • to come up with: to find/produce an idea, answer, or solution
  • I’d: I would
  • go with: choose one thing (rather than another)
  • if I were you: if I was in your situation, if I had your same problem
  • in order to: for the purpose of
  • huge: very big, giant, gigantic
  • a genius: a very, very smart person, super intelligent person

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