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Effortless English. Man Injured at Fast Food Restaurant

План действий:

  1. Сначала прочитайте текст, главное не старайтесь его учить наизусть
  2. Слушайте аудио-историю несколько раз
  3. Слушайте аудио-историю и отвечайте на вопросы

Man Injured at Fast Food Restaurant text


There is a man. He is 79 years old. He is hurt while waiting in his brand new car. He is in a
drive-through at a fast-food restaurant.

The man gets a mild burn when all of a sudden an employee spills coffee on him. The man
says, «OW, this coffee is REALLY hot».

The restaurant manager feels very bad. Before the man drives off the manager gives him a free
gallon of coffee and a free sandwich. The employee who spilled the coffee is a new hire. She is
let go for her mistake.

Слушаем и отвечаем на вопросы



Present : Past Versions of verbs:

  • is: was
  • waiting: was waiting
  • gets: got
  • spills: spilled
  • says: said
  • feels: felt
  • drives off: drove off
  • gives: gave
  • is let go: was let go

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