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Effortless English. Fat Man

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Fat Man text


There is a fat man. The man is very fat. He weighs 500 pounds (227 kg). When he walks, he
always gets tired.

The very fat man wants to lose weight. In fact, his doctor tells him, «You must lose weight or
you will die!»

The fat man is scared. He doesn’t want to die. So he starts a diet. For one month, he eats only
grass. Of course, the grass tastes terrible. But the man really wants to lose weight.

Unfortunately, after one month, he is still very fat. He doesn’t lose any weight! Not one pound!
The fat man is frustrated. He decides to exercise. Everyday he walks 12 miles (20 km).
Everyday he is very tired. In fact, he is exhausted.

But after one month, the man is still very fat! Oh no! He is extremely frustrated!
He decides to give up. He goes to a restaurant. He wants to eat everything, because he is so

At the restaurant, he meets a beautiful women. She likes him. He likes her. They begin to date.
Every day, the woman cooks healthy food for the fat man. His new girlfriend makes a
difference in his life.

The fat man loses weight. After 6 months, he weighs only 170 pounds (77 kg)! He is thin and
he has a wonderful girlfriend.

The man is thrilled. The man and his girlfriend are both thrilled.

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  • gets: becomes
  • in fact: actually; the truth is
  • really: very much
  • frustrated: upset or angry because of failure
  • exhausted: very, very tired
  • extremely: very, very
  • to give up: to quit
  • to date: to be boyfriend & girlfriend
  • makes a difference: causes a change in a situation
  • thrilled: very excited and happy

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