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Present simple(I do)

present simple

Ben is a taxi driver

Ben is a taxi driver, but now he is in bed asleep.
He is not driving a taxi. (He is asleep.)
but He drives a taxi. (He is a taxi driver.)
We use the present simple to talk about things in general. We use it to say that something happens all the time or repeatedly / or that something is true in general:


I work … | but He works ...  | They teach . . . | but My sister teaches .. .

Present Simple
Лицо Число
Единственное Множественное
Вопросительная форма
1 л. Do I run? Do we run?
2 л. Do you run? Do you run?
3 л. Does he|she|it run? Do they run?
Утвердительная форма
1 л. I run We run
2 л. You run You run
3 л. He|she|it runs They run
Отрицательная форма
1 л. I do not run (don’t) We do not run (don’t)
2 л. You do not run You do not run
3 л. He|she|it does not run They do not run

Nurses Look after patients in hospitals.
I usually go away on Sunday.
The earth goes round the sun.
The cinema opens at 10:00 in the morning.
Несколько примеров употребления  present simple tense / простое настоящее время:
I come from France. Where do you come from?
I don’t go away very often.
What does this word mean? (not What means this word?)
Rice doesn’t grow in cold climates. 
In the following examples, do is also the main verb (do you do I doesn’t do etc.):
‘What do you do?’ ‘I work in a bank.’
She’s always so lazy. She doesn’t do anything to help.
Что делает Laura обычно в каждый день:
present simple-laura
Как вы заметили, Лаура в своем рассказе употребляет время  present simple tense / простое настоящее время.

present simple-struktura

present simple tense

Другие примеры употребления present simple tense / простое настоящее время
I get up at 7 o’clock every morning.
How often do you go to the cinema?
The café opens at 8:45 in the morning.
The earth goes round the sun.
I usually go away at weekends.

В качестве закрепления видео урок present simple

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