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Аудио диалог на английском языке с текстом: World Traveller. Диалоги на разные темы: в магазине, в кафе, в отеле, на работе и учебе, в аэропорту, в самолете, в ресторане, у врача, в аптеке, в банке, на отдыхе, в командировке и многое другое.

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  • Todd: Tennessee!
  • Tenn: Yes!
  • Todd: We’re gonna talk about sports.
  • Tenn: OK. I’m not big on sports, but.
  • Todd: OK, well, that’s OK. So you, you don’t like sports.
  • Tenn: Well, I like sports but I’m just not an avid sports watcher. You know I would usually rather watch a movie or some kind of history program.
  • Todd: Oh, OK. So you’re into history.
  • Tenn: Oh, yes!
  • Todd: OK. What kind of history?
  • Tenn: That’s a kind of a difficult question. I would say, ah, interested, primarily I interested in ancient and mideval but I also like studying the history of the countries that I have visited it makes it more interesting when I go sight-seeing.
  • Todd: OK. What countries have you visited?
  • Tenn: I’ve been to 26 countries.
  • Todd: Really!
  • Tenn: Yeah!
  • Todd: Oh, OK. Yeah, you can’t name them all.
  • Tenn: The big ones I would say, I’ve been over a good bit of Europe, ah, Mexico, Peru, I spent almost a year in Egypt and I went to Isreal, Jordan, and now I’m here in Japan. I’ve been here in Japan for a year and a half. And while I have been here, I visited Korea for about a week.
  • Todd: OK. Wow. That’s a lot so did you do the Pyramids in Egypt?
  • Tenn: Oh, yes. Actually, I climbed the pyramids.
  • Todd: Oh, really. Nice. What’s it like on the top?
  • Tenn: Very, very interesting. You can see, ah, it was during the summer so the visibility was rather low.
  • Todd: Oh, OK.
  • Tenn: But, to see, we were on The Great Pyramid, and the second Pyramid, Kefron, was right near by, and it is a very different perspective to see it from, interesting to be eye-level, to be on the same level as the top of that second pyramid.
  • Todd: OK. Wow! So you were in Peru, right?
  • Tenn: Yes.
  • Todd: OK. What’s the big thing people see in Peru?
  • Tenn: Machu Pichu.
  • Todd: Machu Pichu. OK. What is Machu Pichu?
  • Tenn: Machu Pichu is the ruins of a city that was built by the Inca People.
  • Todd: OK.
  • Tenn: Over three…six hundred years ago, and was lost, no one knew what happened to it. until it was recently discovered about a hundred years ago.
  • Todd: OK. Wow. Nice. Alright, thanks a lot David
  • Tenn: Sure!
  • Todd: Or Tennessee.

What countries have you visited?

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