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Grammar in context: Simple Present & Present Progressive Stories

In this lesson, students read three stories that use the simple present and present progressive in context and answer comprehension questions. View or print PDFs and play audio.

My Classmates

A. Reading

My Classmates

This is my classroom, and these are my classmates. My best friend’s name is Andrew. He is writing on the blackboard.

My other friend, Amy, is very funny. She is talking and telling jokes to Bradley. They aren’t listening to the teacher. The kid in the front row is throwing a paper airplane.

He is always misbehaving. The teacher is looking at the map, so she doesn’t see the airplane. I’m standing near the window looking outside. It’s a beautiful day. I wish I could go outside right now.

My Classmates cont.

B. Questions

  1. Where is she (the person who is telling the story) standing?
  2. What is she doing?
  3. What does she wish for?
  4. What is her best friend’s name?
  5. What is Andrew doing?
  6.  What is Amy doing?
  7. What is the kid at the front of the class doing?
  8. What is the teacher doing?

Sarah’s Party

A. Reading

Sarah’s Party

Sarah is having a party. All of her friends are there. Sarah is wearing a new green skirt. Her friends all look nice, too. They are listening to music, dancing, and talking.

Some people are sitting on the couch and watching TV. It’s a fun party! Rachel is dancing with Peter. They have a lot in common. They both like jazz music and horror movies.

In the backyard, people are sitting beside the swimming pool. When Malika suddenly falls into the pool, everyone laughs…even Malika!

Now her clothes are all wet. Everybody is having a great time. Nobody wants to go home!

Sarah’s Party cont.

B. Questions

  1. Who is at Sarah’s party?
  2. What is Sarah wearing?
  3.  What are people doing at the party?
  4.  What are the people on the couch doing?
  5.  Who is Rachel dancing with?
  6.  What do Rachel and Peter have in common?
  7. What happens to Malika?
  8.  Is everybody having a great time?

The Walkers

A. Reading

The Walkers

This is Susan and Terry. They are married. They live in a big city. This is their daughter Amy. Amy is singing. She loves singing pop music. She wants to be a singer.

This is their son Chris. Chris is studying. He hates studying. He wants to be a fireman. Their dog is playing on the floor. Her name is Roxie. Roxie is waiting to go for a walk. Susan and Terry are making dinner. They like to cook together.

Terry is chopping vegetables, and Susan is making pasta. Their friends, Jane and Barry, are coming over for dinner tonight. The Walkers have lots of friends. They like to go out on weekends. They like to go to the movies or go out for dinner.

The Walkers cont.

B. Questions

  1. Where do Susan and Terry live?
  2. What is their daughter’s name? What is she doing?
  3.  What does Chris want to be?
  4. Who is Roxie?
  5. What is Roxie doing?
  6. Who is making dinner? What is Terry doing?
  7. Who is coming over for dinner?
  8. What do the Walkers like to do on weekends?

About You

A. Questions

Answer the following questions using the simple present or the present progressive.

  1. Where do you live?
  2. What is your best friend’s name?
  3. What is your family doing right now?
  4. What kind of music do you like?
  5. What are you wearing today?
  6. What is the person beside you doing?
  7. Do you like to go out on weekends? Where do you usually go?
  8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

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