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Адаптированная книга Sky Jak + аудио

When people use guns to take what they want, how do you stop them? If you give them
what they want, they will be happy – and they will use their guns again, and again. If you
don’t give them what they want, then they will be angry – and they will kill. It is not easy to
decide what to do.

In this story, the person who has to decide is the Prime Minister, the head of the
government. But the Prime Minister is also an ordinary person, just like the rest of us – a
person with a family and children.

How can you think clearly, if someone is pointing a gun at your family? What do you do?
You take advice, you talk to the hijackers, you find out what they want, you keep
everybody calm, you try to move slowly. But terrorists don’t like waiting, and sooner or
later, you to decide what to do…

Sky Jak

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