Text: Transport for Tomorrow

Transport for Tomorrow

One thing is certain about the public transport of the future: it must be more efficient than it is today. The two main problems are: what vehicle shall we use and how can we plan our use of it? There are already some modern vehicles which are not yet in ...

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Text: Man’s Best Friend + audio

Man’s Best Friend

  They are often called man’s best friend. In total there are thought to be about 400 million of them in the world. They are one of the most popular companions for people all over the world. In fact they are so popular that nearly 1 million people plan to ...

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Рассказ: Коттедж «Филомела» Агата Кристи

Agatha Christie. Philomel Cottage

Привет друзья! Читайте захватывающую историю Агаты Кристи и изучайте английский язык с Englishfox! Перевод сложных оборотов вынесен после текста. При чтении этого рассказа обращаем внимание на прилагательные. Учим их! Они придают нашей речи красоту и выразительность.

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Text: The Rich Man and the Stone

The Rich Man and the Stone

Many years ago, there lived a rich man who wished to do something for the people at his village. First however, he wanted to find out whether they deserved his help. In the center of the main road into the village, he placed a very large stone.

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