Audio Story: Jack & The Beanstalk

Jack & The Beanstalk

JACK SELLS THE COW Once upon a time there was a poor widow who lived in a little cottage with her only son Jack. Jack was a giddy, thoughtless boy, but very kind-hearted and affectionate. There had been a hard winter, and after it the poor woman had suffered from ...

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Audio Story: Windswept

The Copperpod tree was in full bloom. Vibrant and vivacious it swayed gracefully from side to side, sending down a shower of copper yellow petals. “Gosh, you’re beautiful!” exclaimed the other trees. The Copperpod tree stood up straight and rustled its leaves, clearly enjoying the attention.

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Audio story: The Fox and the Crow

The Fox and the Crow

I bet you can’t guess what I like to eat best of all? Yes, I knew that you would say that foxes like to eat hens best, and stolen ones at that. I don’t mind admitting that I wouldn’t ever say no to a nice fat chicken wing once in ...

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Audio Story: Piggis Play Games

piggi tug of war

School holidays are a time when all children can enjoy themselves and have lots of fun. On this particular holiday children’s voices could be heard laughing, squealing and shouting throughout the whole of PiggiParadise. The sun was shining and everyone was happy and having fun.

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Text: A Magic Ring — Волшебное кольцо

Привет дорогие друзья. Очередной интересный текст на английском языке с переводом и озвучкой. Once upon a time there lived a young farmer. He worked very hard but was very poor. One day when he was far from home in the forest, an old woman looking like a peasant came up ...

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