Audio Story: The Magician’s Horse

The Magician’s Horse

A long time ago, an old man lived in a hut in the woods with his grandson, whom he loved very dearly. Near the hut was a small clump of trees where some blackbirds lived. The lad loved to practice with his bow and arrow, and he wanted to shoot ...

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Audio Story: Petie’s Peanut Butter Pizza

Petie’s Peanut Butter Pizza

“Time for breakfast, Petie,” said Mother, “ I made scrambled eggs and toast.” “Nope! Peanut butter,” said Petie. “Petie, please eat your eggs and toast,” she said. “Nope! Peanut butter,” said Petie. “Petie, peanut butter for breakfast?” replied mother. “I don’t think so. Come eat your eggs.” Petie scrunched his ...

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Рассказ: Persuaded — Уговорили

It’s been two weeks since this whole thing started. It all started with a tanker accident. It was all over the news. Everyone thought it was just another oil spill. There were plenty of volunteers, plenty of people wanting to help the poor defenseless animals. Plenty of victims. Within hours ...

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Audio Story: The Light Princess

The Light Princess

CHAPTER I – WHAT! NO CHILDREN? “Once upon a time, so long ago, that I have quite forgotten the date, there lived a king and queen who had no children. “And the king said to himself: ‘All the queens of my acquaintance have children, some three, some seven, an some ...

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